24 Hour Musical is back and better than ever! Once again, Program Council and SMU Student Theatre are teaming up to bring a fully produced musical to campus… in only 24 hours! In coordination with Student Senate, PC and SMUST will produce a musical that will be rehearsed April 13th and 14th, to be performed at 2pm on Saturday, April 15th.

To audition for 24 Hour Musical, please submit this Contact Information form [http://bit.ly/2lx0cdu], and then select a Vocal Audition Time Slot on this page [http://bit.ly/2lBXwHk] for March 5th and 6th. All Auditionees are strongly encouraged to attend a Dance Call at either 9pm on Sunday the 5th or 11pm on Monday the 6th - only those who attend ONE of these Dance Calls will be considered for principle and dancing roles. 

*If the time that work best for you is full, go ahead and show up for a walk in - we may be running early and may be able to fit you in, though you may have to wait. 

• March 5th
- Choral Hall for Vocal
- B100/Sharp 8pm-9pm for Dance
• March 6th
- OFAC 1050 for Vocal 8pm-11pm
- B100/Sharp 11pm for Dance

For the Vocal Audition, please prepare a 16-32 bar, a Cappella cut of an appropriate Musical Theatre song. Singing from the show is OK!
For the Dance Audition, please arrive early, be dressed and prepared to dance for about an hour. Don’t worry - this will not be intimidating; we’re excited to see you pop and lock and jam and break!

Musician interested in playing with the pit? Contact Tristan Hipolito at thipolito@smu.edu

Interested in working backstage or being on crew? Contact Marcus Pinon at mpinon@smu.edu

Please contact either Sam Weber (sgweber@smu.edu) or Marcus Pinon (mpinon@smu.edu) with any more questions!

Audition Form: http://bit.ly/2lx0cdu 

Audition Time Slot Sign Up: http://bit.ly/2lBXwHk